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Description of treatements

The treatments are recommended based on your imbalances and the time you have. Under the Panchakarma they are preceded by a pre-treatment so as to optimize the removal of toxins. Our oils and treatments of pasta is prepared with medicinal plants. They can be enriched with essential oils. Les by oils, grains, ghee, honey, milk incorporated in all our treatments are biological quality.

Diagnosis vedic

It can detect the disease long before the imbalance sets in, which is particularly important for preventive diagnosis: gain the opportunity to restore balance before you get sick.

The diagnosis also helps to understand the cause of health problems.

The pulse reflects the fundamental constitution of the person while it reacts instantly to all physiological and psychological changes. The diagnosis gives you an accurate and complete picture of your health at some point. 
When you follow a treatment, your program is customized. It is established at the first interview on the basis of pulse diagnosis.

Panchakarma (or "detox") is a unique therapy of its kind that can detach and remove toxins from the body in a gentle, natural and effective. Because of repeated dietary errors, poor digestion, a hyperactive and irregular life, environmental pollution, stress, etc. it is inevitable that toxins accumulate in the body.

The accumulation of toxins in the body, or Ama , is an important risk factor in many diseases, this is why Ayurveda recommends removing these toxins regularly. Allowing the elimination of toxins, Panchakarma allows the balance to recover and stimulates the natural mechanisms of self-healing.

It is a primary method of prevention, because it reverses the process of imbalances that lead to disease;

It is also an effective treatment method for all toxin accumulation problems as hypertension, high cholesterol, overweight, diabetes, arthritis, gout, some headaches, skin problems, chronic constipation, sinusitis ... ; and a complementary approach in the prevention and treatment of some cardiovascular risks.

It gives excellent results when lifestyle habits need to be changed, eg. as support for smoking cessation and weight loss. The Panchakarma treatments induce the further a state of relaxation, which facilitates the return to balance and strengthen natural mechanisms of self-healing. They improve the health and well-being, bringing more vitality and zest for life .

Panchakarma is offered in our Health Centre in its most complete form, traditional and authentic. Your treatment plan is customized, prepared by our doctor on the basis of pulse diagnosis based on your health status.

Panchakarma - literally "five (pancha) action (karma)" - includes several successive phases, each with a specific purpose in preparing the next phase. This ensures high efficiency in a relatively short time . The treatments work synergistically to eliminate toxins embedded deep into the organs and tissues .

The three main phases of Panchakarma:

  • Pretreatment or Purva karma with stimulating the digestive fire: Pachana, the oleation: Snehana (taking Ghee, oil massage), the fomentation: Svedana, then drain: Virechana

  • The main treatment or Pradhana karma with massages and treatments: Abhyanga, Shirodhara ... , enemas: Basti and sometimes nasal administration of substances: Nasya or cleansing the eyes : Netratarpana

  • Post-processing or Paschat karma with stimulating the digestive fire: Peyadi Sansarjana karma , pacification of the doshas by drugs, food and lifestyle: Shamana and regeneration by Rasayana .

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